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Hats and bears and a check-in

Hello knitters - I hope you are all hanging in there during this pandemic. I hope you're finding knitting to be a comfort and a distraction. I have a few finished items to share with you today.
Here are some fun and colorful hats from Sue...
and a fantastic table full of bears from Linda!
I sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and in good spirits.

Please send photos of finished Community Knitting projects to for me to share with the group. (If you already sent me something and it didn't make it onto the blog, that is my Swiss cheese brain - just resend please!) 

Knit on!
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May vest and hat: Mosaic Swirls

This project and post is from Laurels. You can get the pdf pattern HERE. Read on for more!
Greetings Community Knitters,
I hope everyone is well and taking advantage of extra knitting time!
As you know, we usually begin a vest and hat combo in May for our summer project.  I volunteered to work up a pattern for this year’s project, and therefore offer the following “Mosaic Swirls Vest and Hat”.  Since we will not be able to meet in May, I have asked that the pattern be distributed electronically so that people can get started before they drift off into the haze of summer and forget. In a year when so many people have lost their jobs, there may be more children than ever in need of warm clothing for the coming winter. If anyone can make lemonade out of the stay/safer-at-home orders, it would be knitters!:  needles-a-flying, and warm garb accumulating!
The pattern incorporates some mosaic knitting, which creates color patterns using slip stitches. But the pattern is designed so that people w…

16 hats, 4 bears, 4 mittens, and 1 neck warmer

Hi everyone! Here is a very inspiring update from Twyla. Thanks to Linda for this incredible donation of her time and talent!

From Twyla:
Linda Leach has been knitting away despite the temporarily suspended Boulder Community Knitting meetings😊

So, in addition to the masks we've been giving them, today they will also pick up Linda's latest batch of beautiful hats, mittens and bears (and a rogue neck warmer that found its way into the bag lol).

When she came over to show me what she'd made, I thought she'd never get to the bottom of the bag, as she removed item after beautiful item!

A photo shoot ensued and I thought you might like to share some pics with the group.

Clinica Campesina will be picking these up today, along with some masks. They are serving a larger population as other medical facilities are closed and they are taking the overflow of additional patients. I'm sure Linda's items will be much appreciated.

Can't wait to see everyone post COVID!


I owe you a post! Sorry for the silence of late. I hope everyone is staying healthy physically and mentally. I miss you all! I've received a few updates and photos that I can share with you today:
First, an update on masks from Twyla: 
Hi all - 
The mask project for Clinica is in full swing. Thought I'd share a pic of the ones they'll be picking up today.
We could use some more seamstresses if anyone is interested. I've got kits of ten available to pick up or I can drop off to you.
We are particularly in need of more satin or grograin ribbon if anyone has any they'd like to donate. I'd be happy to do a porch pickup anywhere in Boulder County!
Also, today I attended a Zoom meeting with Masks for Humanity. They are a grassroots network of makers who are sewing masks in their local communities. There were over 200 makers on the call. A documentary about everyone's efforts is being made from video taken during the call. 
It was so inspiring to be a part of that…

Sewing masks for Clinica

We usually support Clinica in Boulder County by knitting hats for their medical professionals to hand out to clients who need them. Now Clinica needs another kind of support: masks. If any of you sew in addition to knitting, please consider sewing some masks for them.

Our contact at Clinica, Susan Wortman, reached out to our group member Twyla and wrote this:

I am reaching out in hopes that the talented knitters you know might also be able to sew. We have managed to keep all of our clinics open and starting to see patients whose regular primary care provider has closed due to the coronavirus. That said, we are quickly running out of disposable masks and are starting to use washable fabric masks. Attached is a pattern if anyone you know has the time, interest and ability to make masks for our medical teams. We’d be extremely appreciative. If anyone can make masks, we can collect th…

2 sweaters completed!

Lori has completed 2 sweaters for the refugee project.

Both sweaters were made with with Encore Chunky. The first is the Bulky Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure & Simple (knit in the round):

The second is Roxana Designs Easy Side-to-Side Pullover:

These are great! Thank you, Lori. Please send photos of finished items for Community Knitting to so I can share them here. I can't wait to see what you're making.

Correction on child sweater pattern

Roxana sent me a correction for the neck shaping on the smallest size of her child's sweater pattern. Please take a look. 
Front Neck Shaping
Row1. (RS)K71, Bind Off 20, K71,. Row 2. (WS) K4, P67, join 2nd yarn, P67, K4.
Working both sides at the same time: Row 3. (RS) Knit to last 2 stitches, K2 TOG, (with 2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches. Row 4. (WS) K4, P46, K20. (2nd yarn) K20, P46, K4.,  Row 5.( RS) Knit to last 2 stitches, K2 TOG. (2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches. Row 6. (WS) K4, P46, K19. (2nd yarn) K19, P46, K4. Row 7.(RS)) Knit to 2 last stitches, K2 TOG. (2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches. Row 8, (WS) K4, P46, K18. (2nd yarn) SSK, K18, 46, K4.
Place 68 stitches on a holder for the Left Sleeve and Shoulder. Place remaining stitches on another holder for Right Shoulder and Sleeve.