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Happy holidays and thank you!

Hoping everyone has a happy holiday season and a joyful New Year. Despite facing a lot of obstacles this year, our group was able to make and donate an impressive number of items to warm the hearts and bodies of people who are struggling this year. We donated to Clinica and Sister Carmen:  259 hats 43 scarves and cowls 38 pairs of mittens 17 vests 11 sweaters and 67 bears! Thank you for your generosity and dedication. May 2021 bring healing, joy, and togetherness to all of you. 

December/January hat

I hope this post finds everyone well and getting some downtime over the holidays. For December and January, we have a hat pattern from Roxana featuring short rows. Please click here for the free pattern: Short-Row Hat pattern The short row technique may be a new challenge for you. Give it a go, and here's some advice on simplifying: I've found that with garter stitch, you can eliminate the wraps and just turn the work where it says "w/t". There may be some small holes but they are pretty hard to see in garter stitch. If you're still struggling, please feel free to substitute a hat pattern from one of the older posts here or any hat pattern you like. There are so many free and inexpensive hat patterns on Ravelry - it can be a fun treasure hunt to discover a new one.  Happy holidays, and happy knitting!