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Email notifications going away

After July, Blogger (run by Google) will stop working with the service that supports automatic email notifications of newposts. That means that even if you've signed up for email notifications on this site (i.e., you are seeing this in your email), you won't get emails after July. I can't commit to maintaining an email list and sending out notifications, so when the emails stop, you will need to visit the website to see updates on meetings, projects, patterns, etc. Maybe set a reminder in your calendar once or twice a month to visit the website and see what's coming up.  In more cheerful and less technical news, I have been busy seaming your blanket squares (rectangles). I am making them into 3 blankets - 2 larger and one smaller, plus there is a fourth blanket that someone made and donated. Remember that these blankets will be donated to local first responders for victim support. You can feel free to keep making squares (rectangles) and I will keep putting them togethe

Next meeting: May 19 at 4:00

Please join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, May 19, at 4:00 PM, at Harlow Platts Park by Viele Lake in South Boulder. Bring a chair and stay and knit for a bit (weather permitting). We will be knitting a hat and vest set, a Roxana pattern that we have done before. You will need: Worsted weight yarn: Color A: 200 yards  Color B: 200 yards (Color B can be oddballs of yarn to total 200 yards) 16 inch circular needles in US 7 or 8 for the hat 16 or 24 inch circular needles in US 7 or 8 for the vest A generous member of our group is taking a break from knitting and has donated a box of yarn, needles and accessories. Everything is high quality, and there's lots of wool for mittens. I'll bring it to the meeting. Thank you, Denise!