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Meeting tomorrow, headband pattern, and finished blankets

 Hi all, I have three items of business today. First, reminder: we will be meeting tomorrow at 4:00 at the pavilion at Harlow Platts park by Viele Lake in South Boulder. Hope to see you there! Second, the pattern for this month's project, a headband, can be found HERE . Third, we have four finished blankets to give to first responders. I divided your patches into brights and pastels and made a blanket of each. I also had enough of the bulky purple chenille patches to make their own blanket, and Roxana donated a sweet log cabin blanket. Thanks to all who contributed! 

Meeting June 23 at 4:00

 Because May was a big project (hat and vest), we will do just a small project for June - a headband.  We'll meet Wednesday, June 23 at 4:00 at the pavilion at Harlow Platts Park at Viele Lake. Feel free to drop off/pick up or stay and knit and chat. If you want to start the headband, please bring about 2 ounces of machine washable worsted weight yarn and a 16 inch circular needle in US 7 or 8 (4.5-5mm). You might want to bring a folding chair too.  Hope to see you there!