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Scarf pattern and dress warmly

It's going to be chilly, but we're still on for today 4:00 at Harlow Platts Park/Viele Lake pavilion. Dress warmly, bring a chair, and we'll see how long we can tough it out - it might be a short meeting! Do use your judgment - if a wintry meetup is not for you, you are welcome to just drop off any finished items and head back somewhere warm, and we'll look forward to a more comfortable meetup in May.  Our April pattern is the oddball scarf. You will need a 24 inch US 9 or 10 (5.5 or 6 mm) circular needle and odds and ends of worsted weight yarn totaling about 2 ounces. You can pick up a printed pattern or download one here:  Oddball Scarf There is plenty of opportunity to play and have fun with this scarf - change gauge, hold yarns double, use up small scraps and leftovers, play with color and stripes, throw in some crazy fuzzy or sparkly yarns. Enjoy, and hope to see you tonight!

Meeting this Wednesday, and materials needed

 Hi everyone, I realize I forgot to include the DATE for our April meeting on the last post. I've added it, but if you just look at the email notifications and not the website, you didn't get the update. We are meeting this Wednesday, April 14, at the pavilion at Harlow Platts park by Viele Lake in South Boulder at 4:00. Bring a chair and stay to knit! We will be making a scarf. For this project, bring some some odds and ends of worsted weight machine washable yarn totaling about 2 ounces. You will also need a US 9 or 10 (5.5 or 6 mm) circular needle, 24 inches or longer. As you can see from the photo, this is a good chance to use some fun novelty yarns you may have sitting around.  See you there!

April meeting - stay and knit!

Hi everyone! For our April meeting, I'm pleased to say that, rather than just a drop-off, we are planning to stay and knit! We'll be outside, so this is weather permitting. Meet at Viele Lake by the pavilion at 4 on Wednesday, April 14. Bring a chair, yarn, needles, and any finished projects to turn in. If you have made any blanket rectangles, you can bring them too. We'll be making a scarf for our April project. Check back in a few days for project information. Looking forward to some community time after such a difficult year, and a heartbreaking month on top of that.  A note about masks: Boulder County has amended its mask mandate to only apply to indoor locations. For outdoor locations, there are no requirements, though they recommend wearing a mask when it's impossible to maintain a 6-foot distance. Using this as a guide, I will not be wearing a mask but will gladly keep my distance and respect anyone's decision to wear one. You can mask or not, whatever you fe