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December/January hat

I hope this post finds everyone well and getting some downtime over the holidays. For December and January, we have a hat pattern from Roxana featuring short rows. Please click here for the free pattern:

Short-Row Hat pattern

The short row technique may be a new challenge for you. Give it a go, and here's some advice on simplifying: I've found that with garter stitch, you can eliminate the wraps and just turn the work where it says "w/t". There may be some small holes but they are pretty hard to see in garter stitch. If you're still struggling, please feel free to substitute a hat pattern from one of the older posts here or any hat pattern you like. There are so many free and inexpensive hat patterns on Ravelry - it can be a fun treasure hunt to discover a new one. 

Happy holidays, and happy knitting!


  1. Is there a drop off coming up soon ? I have a bunch ready to go. ............... Barb Gardner

    1. We are planning a dropoff for January 13, 2-3 PM at Harlow Platts park. I'll put up a post about it in about a week. Thank you!


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