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Correction on child sweater pattern

Roxana sent me a correction for the neck shaping on the smallest size of her child's sweater pattern. Please take a look. 

Front Neck Shaping

Row1. (RS)K71, Bind Off 20, K71,.
Row 2. (WS) K4, P67, join 2nd yarn, P67, K4.

Working both sides at the same time:
Row 3. (RS) Knit to last 2 stitches, K2 TOG, (with 2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches.
Row 4. (WS) K4, P46, K20. (2nd yarn) K20, P46, K4., 
Row 5.( RS) Knit to last 2 stitches, K2 TOG. (2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches.
Row 6. (WS) K4, P46, K19. (2nd yarn) K19, P46, K4.
Row 7.(RS)) Knit to 2 last stitches, K2 TOG. (2nd yarn) SSK, Knit remaining stitches.
Row 8, (WS) K4, P46, K18. (2nd yarn) SSK, K18, 46, K4.

Place 68 stitches on a holder for the Left Sleeve and Shoulder. Place remaining stitches on another holder for Right Shoulder and Sleeve.


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