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Sewing masks for Clinica

We usually support Clinica in Boulder County by knitting hats for their medical professionals to hand out to clients who need them. Now Clinica needs another kind of support: masks. If any of you sew in addition to knitting, please consider sewing some masks for them.

Our contact at Clinica, Susan Wortman, reached out to our group member Twyla and wrote this:

I am reaching out in hopes that the talented knitters you know might also be able to sew. We have managed to keep all of our clinics open and starting to see patients whose regular primary care provider has closed due to the coronavirus. That said, we are quickly running out of disposable masks and are starting to use washable fabric masks. Attached is a pattern if anyone you know has the time, interest and ability to make masks for our medical teams. We’d be extremely appreciative. If anyone can make masks, we can collect them from people’s porches or doorsteps so they don’t have to come in contact with us or leave their homes. Thanks so much for any help you can provide us.

Here are the links to patterns, and below is more detailed information and context from Twyla. I have also embedded the links in Twyla's instructions (links are in orange text). Please read through everything carefully. Thanks!
From Twyla:

Pattern for Clinica (pdf) is the actual pocket mask pattern that Clinica needs, along with the instructions. There is a link/URL in the instructions Instructions that leads to a YouTube video showing how to assemble them. They need the pocket masks only, as they will be dropping a salt filter into the pocket for further protection.

All material for Clinica masks must be washed in HOT water prior to cutting and assembling masks (Very Important to prevent further shrinkage when masks are washed by staff). The pattern is pretty simple. We are adding a layer of interfacing to the front piece, so cut two out of the heavier duck fabric, and two of the same out of interfacing to sew together. The back piece will form the pocket and cut two of those out of the thinner cotton type fabric.

Also, please note that there can't be any fraying anywhere. If there's fraying on the ribbon ends of the ties, please cauterize it.

Clinica is buying materials and will drop them off to me today. If anyone needs any of the fabric, interfacing, ribbon or thread to make Clinica masks, please let me know. I can arrange to drop off, or you can pick up at my house in Lafayette. 729 Dove Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026

Clinica is willing to pick up finished masks from your porch! If you'd like that instead of dropping them off yourself please email me your address and when the masks will be on the porch (or wherever your pickup spot is). The pickup is certainly a safer option than dropping off at the medical clinic. Safety first!

I've also attached instructions for Individual Adult Masks in case someone wants to make them for their family or themselves. This pattern is not for Clinica.


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