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Meeting Wednesday 1/12 NEW TIME

 Hi knitters,

A reminder that our next meeting is Wednesday, January 12. We will be meeting at a NEW TIME, from 3:00-4:30 at the Meadows branch of the Boulder Public Library.  The change was made to accommodate members of our group who have difficulty driving at night. 

We will be making the checkerboard hat shown here. There won't be printed copies of the pattern at this meeting, so you will need to print it out ahead of time or have the link handy on your phone. You can find the pattern HERE.

I hope you all are doing okay. I've been thinking hard about how we can help those in our community who have been affected by the Marshall fire. It's still very early in the process, and we should be mindful of donating material items that may not be needed yet.

The Sister Carmen Community Center was asking for certain items earlier, but at the time I'm posting this, their website says that they are only asking for gift cards and financial donations. So as big as our hearts are and as great as our desire is to share physical belongings with those who lost everything,  I encourage you to take the long view of this, be patient, and take action when it is needed and asked for, and when distribution mechanisms are in place. 

Of course, as a knitter, in a crisis, I feel better when I can make things for people. Most of us probably do, which is why we're part of this group! So I'm keeping my hands busy by knitting blankets for my son's classmate and her brother who lost their home and belongings. So one idea is to find an affected family that you could knit blankets for. Even if their hats and mittens are replaced (as they probably were since it snowed the day after the fire), a blanket can provide comfort. It's a bigger, longer-term project too, so it can keep our hands busy while giving people a little time to process and then provide much needed comfort in the weeks to come.

Just trying to come up with some ideas for right now. I'm sure more opportunities to help will arise over the coming weeks and months. Please feel free to share anything here in the comments section.


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