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Big holiday donation: Where our knits go



Hi all! Several volunteers from our group worked hard to sort and distribute our accumulated hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters, and bears from the year. Read through to the end to get our total counts of our knitted donations!

This year our donations went to Sister Carmen, Clinica, and EFAA. If you'd like to know more about these organizations or offer them additional support, I have linked to each of them below. 

First, from Giselle, who went to Sister Carmen:  

I wanted to let you know that I took all of our knitting to Sister Carmen this afternoon. Between 1:00 and 5:00 everything was taken by participants with many, many thanks. Kids enjoyed choosing a hat and I helped a few homeless men choose a warm hat and a bulky ribbed cowl.

Towards the end of the afternoon a woman came in with her two sons. They were both wearing dinosaur costumes/pajamas and were thrilled to be getting groceries. I had two green hats left that went with their outfits and they were overjoyed to have them. This family came from Ukraine three months ago and the boys have been in school for two months, learning English quickly. Can you imagine leaving your dad and fleeing a war zone to come here?

Don’t think for a minute that our knitting doesn’t have a positive impact! People loved that things were handmade and commended our group for our efforts.

Next, from Twyla, who went to Clinica, along with Linda, Laura, Lori, and Isabel:  

Yesterday afternoon, Linda, Laura, Lori, Isabel and I took kits and hats and books to Clinica. We spent a couple of hours handing them out to excited children and their happy parents! 

Our very first person was a grandmother who made a beeline to us! She said her granddaughter had gotten a bear last year and lost it. She wanted to replace it because her granddaughter had cried and not been able to sleep for two nights when it disappeared. Of course, we found a new kit (with a smiling bear) to give her. She also took a second kit for her grandson. She was so grateful that we were there when she came in for an appointment. 

Another touching story - a young couple expecting their first baby girl took a kit with a tiny sweater, hat and booties. I had been concerned that particular sweater I'd made was too small. But no, the perfect family found us and the smiles were wonderful to see when we showed them the tiny baby sized things (hat and booties by Linda).  

The adult hats were a popular item too... especially the adult ribbed pattern because they fit so well.
Over half were gone quickly and Susan Wortman will take the rest to the other clinics to hand out. She said every year we've done this, there have never been any left. That was heartwarming to hear!

Finally, from Roylene, who went to EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association)

The EFAA person was overwhelmed with what I brought.  A big shout out to Linda.  The bears were such a big hit.  She said she had people who didn’t get one last year and were asking if there would be any this year.  And thanks to Linda they can. 

She said they helped 400 families last year.  The kits and books were going to the kids currently in or just moved out of EFAA housing. 

Thanks to everyone.

And also from Roylene, our final counts for what we distributed:

Hats: 317
Mittens: 49
Scarves/cowls: 100
Bears: 143
Sweaters/vests: 86
Total items: 695!
And finally, from me (Amy):
Thank you to everyone who contributed your time and skill to serve our community. As knitters, (and crocheters!), we have the ability to warm bodies and hearts. Having something made by hand means a lot to someone who is struggling - it makes a personal connection and helps them remember that they are valued and cared for. I'm proud to be part of this community of givers and receivers. 

Remember that we have one more meeting this year: Wednesday, December 14 from 3:00 - 4:30 at the Meadows branch of the Boulder Public Library. I will hopefully get it together to send a reminder and any project info in a few days. Have a peaceful and yarn-filled holiday!


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