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Hat BINGO for Clinica

Hello knitters,

Clinica needs more hats! Our contact there told us that they handed out the last batch of hats we gave her in a matter of hours! So we need to make some more hats. To make this a fun challenge, I thought we could try a game of Hat BINGO. 

Click here for your card: GET A BINGO CARD

You'll see 24 squares, each with a pattern name, and one free space in the middle. To get a bingo, knit 5 hats - all the patterns in a row (across, down, or diagonal). If you use the free space, you still need to knit 5 hats, but one can be any pattern you like - on the card, a duplicate, or some other pattern or improvisation you like. Snap a photo of your 5 hats for proof of your bingo - there will be prizes! 

I've included a few patterns we've shared on the website, and the rest are all free patterns on Ravelry. Many of them are adult size, but you can usually size down for a kid's hat (leave a comment if you need guidance on sizing a pattern down). Or just make an adult size - Clinica can use those too! Most of these are simple patterns, and a few are a little more challenging, with simple cables or stranded colorwork.

The above link randomly generates a card, so if you don't like your card, just click the link again until you get one you like. 

Here are the links to all the hat patterns. They are all free! They all use worsted weight yarn and approximately a US 7 needle (you can probably go up to 8 or down to 6 in most cases). If you have trouble accessing any of these patterns, leave me a comment here. 

Have fun with this! Let's see what we can do. I can't wait to see all your beautiful hats.

Note: If you don't have time to knit 5 hats, do not worry! All of your knitted contributions are appreciated, and we all have seasons of prolific knitting and drier spells. You are a valued member of this group regardless of your output. Feel free to use this list as a resource/inspiration/future planning if you don't want to play Hat BINGO. 

The List:

  1. Bankhead
  2. Barley
  3. Be Loving
  4. Beanie Lines
  5. Classic Cuffed Hat
  6. Ditto (cables)
  7. Earflap Hat (Boulder Community Knitting pattern)
  8. Essential Hat
  9. February Hat
  10. Gimme Shelter
  11. Graham
  12. July Hat
  13. June Hat
  14. Laurus (stranded colorwork)
  15. Luca's Hat
  16. Luuk 
  17. Mistake Stitch Hat (Boulder Community Knitting pattern)
  18. Mosaic Swirls (Boulder Community Knitting pattern)
  19. Respect Hat (my pattern)
  20. Rhys (stranded colorwork)
  21. Sailor's Rib Cap
  22. Swirl Hat
  23. Twistmas (twisted stitches)
  24. WW II Hat


  1. I will have hats. I will look out for the drop off instructions! W

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned for info on our next dropoff. If you subscribe (click on SUBSCRIBE at the top and give your email address), you will get email notifications of any new posts.

  2. We are a knitting group and hoping to contribute too. Please let us know drop off details! Thank You.

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned for info on our next dropoff. If you subscribe (click on SUBSCRIBE at the top and give your email address), you will get email notifications of any new posts.

    2. Hi Amy, Thank YOu. Yes I am subscribed, which is, lucky me, how I heard about making hats for clinic.

  3. I’m currently making hats for the Bingo, but I have a question:
    I’m currently in San Carlos, Mexico and can’t go out to purchase yarn. Can I make the Twistmas pattern with worsted weight yarn?


    1. Yes, worsted should work for that pattern. Thank you!

    2. Thanks Amy. It worked perfectly.
      Where do I post my finished hats and card?


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